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Sable Japanese Chin Fabel-Mi Puppy

Our puppy availability is limited, but do feel free to contact us if you are interested in a lovely companion or possible show potential baby.

Nothing is cuter than a Chin puppy, the sweet expression, those fabulous eyes and that loving, gentle personality. All it takes is one meeting and most of us are smitten. Well, you are thinking about adding a totally dependent, living breathing creature to your life. This is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly! You might first want to ask yourself a few questions and ponder a few realities…

• Why a Japanese Chin? They are great companions, cuddlers and loving friends, delicate royalty of the canine world.

• I want one NOW! Japanese Chin are a slightly more unusual breed and you may wait for some time if you have your heart set on a certain age/color/sex. Be prepared to be patient. Personally, I would be suspicious if a breeder had puppies available all the time and in any color.

• Can I choose mine? With a breed like this, litter sizes are small and the breeder you are working with will probably call/email and tell you a puppy is available. With Chin puppies the personality should always be loving, warm and fun. The differences between the puppies personalities, in my experience, is relatively little. Trust your breeder to guide you to the puppy that will best fit your situation and lifestyle.

• I saw a Japanese Chin from Russia/the Ukraine/Poland in the paper, what about them? Of course, we cannot lump all dogs and breeders from one country together under one umbrella of shame, but the USA has been flooded with poor quality puppies from other countries and it is a very disturbing situation. As a rule, these puppies are shipped over here at a VERY young age, sorted out to the various “brokers” throughout the country and sold. They are marketed as “more healthy, natural, free breeders, papers available,” all kinds of sales oriented phrases. These unfortunate dogs are also often sold through pet stores (another deplorable situation) by commission greedy sales people. This situation is very, very upsetting to most of us breeders that have the best interest of the Japanese Chin at heart. This is about the brokers importing and selling these puppies.

• What can I expect to pay? Quality Japanese Chin can be expensive depending on the quality of the puppy, reputation of the breeder, and the availability. Yes, you will get what you pay for and this is a ten year plus commitment.

• What about newspaper and Internet classifieds ads? I would advise you look for a few “red flags.” Does the breeder have several breeds of dogs available? Does the breeder have all colors/ages/sexes available? Does the breeder seem too commercial? If the breeder does not belong to any all breed or Japanese Chin clubs or organizations…red flag?

Also, any reputable should be ready to invite you into their home and show you the conditions your new baby was raised in.

These are just a few tips, but in today’s information saturated world, there is no excuse for saying, “I didn’t know!” Take the time to find out and most importantly, BE PATIENT!!!

• I want a quality Chin from a GOOD breeder, you don’t have puppies, so tell me what to do! Call/email/contact breeders that have either been referred to you or that you like the looks of their dogs and/or their philosophy. Please, do NOT send a one line email. “How much are your puppies?” is NOT going to get a positive response from most breeders!

Tell the breeder about yourself, your home, your situation (kids, other pets, etc.) and ask a few well thought out questions. Any reputable breeder will be happy to take the time to explain their policies and procedures for placing one of their quality puppies.

Puppy proof your home before your new Japanese Chin baby gets there!

Make sure harmful substances are kept well away from inquisitive little noses. Put away all cleaning products, paint thinners, household chemicals, antifreeze etc. Secure electrical cords so they cannot be chewed.

Puppies should only be given puppy toys to play with or chew. Never real bones, never shoes (they don’t know the difference between new & old shoes), never cow or pig ears (can choke on them) and hooves only when supervised. Whenever your puppy starts to chew an inappropriate object, take it away and give him an “approved toy”. This way he will learn what is his and what isn’t.

Never, ever, ever leave your Dog in the car on any day over 50-60 degrees. With even cracked windows a Frenchie can overheat very quickly. Please, do not take the chance!

Recommended Product: Japanese Chin have adorable flat faces, which can lead to a bit of a dry nose. We recommend The Blissful Dog’s Nose Butter, as it will keep their noses moist and pretty. You may recognize the lovely Chin on the label. Visit The Blissful Dog.