Fabel-Mi Japanese Chin ~ Beauty Without Compromise

Our Mission Statement

Fabel-Mi Japanese Chin Mission Statement

Our goal is to breed beautiful, correct, healthy and happy babies who will be an important addition in the lives of the people who choose a FABEL-Mi Japanese Chin as a loving friend and companion who can be NUMBER ONE in the ring or on the couch!

My eyes have seen everything in this world…and came back to you the white chrysanthemums…

Of course, as we have shared many times…Beauty Without Compromise is our foundation. Not only are the Fabel-Mi Japanese Chin lovely to behold, they are beautiful within as well. Each and every Fabel-Mi Japanese Chin must pass their health testing before being shown or, of course, bred. That is our commitment to this lovely breed, the individual dogs we cherish and anyone who may be blessed to share their lives with one of our babies.

Fabel-Mi Tests for the Following:

OFA Hips
OFA Heart
OFA Patellas
GM2 (Gangliosidosis)