Fabel-Mi Japanese Chin ~ Beauty Without Compromise

Yoshisan Palace Ume of Fabel-Mi

Yoshisan Palace Ume of Fabel-Mi

We are thrilled to welcome a beautifulĀ  red sable baby to our family of top quality Japanese Chin. A wonderful combination of the very famous Japanese (Royal Muse) and European (Hin Satori) lines, “UME” will bring her wonderful breed type, elegant style andĀ  fabulous attitude to our breeding program.Thank you, Olga, for sending such a gorgeous baby to us.

Ume red sable Jpanaese Chin puppy at FabelMi

UME Red Sable Japanese Chin

Red Sable Japanese Chin Puppy on Cushion

Our UME Contemplates Life

UME wants to play!

UME Our Sassy Sable

UME strikes a pose

“I See You!”

Ume plays Peek-A-Boo

UME Lovely At Every Angle

UME looking for a playmate